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What is the 10-Year Engineering Job Outlook?


Pioneering, results-oriented and ever-creative — the field of engineering gives us the opportunity to explore and shape a more human-centric future. 

By combining technical knowledge with the soft skills needed to challenge convention and envision solutions, engineers hold the power to create a healthier world for those to come. 

For future engineers looking to obtain a master’s degree in engineering and ultimately, secure a successful career, it’s important to understand the engineering job outlook for the years to come. 

Let’s take a look at the engineering job growth and outlook.

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What are some types of engineering careers?

Whether you’re interested in combating water scarcity through the use of solar desalination plants, developing computer programs that promote individualized methods of learning or countless other industries that need improvement, there are various types of engineering careers that directly relate to your specific area of interest.

Various Types of Engineering Careers:

Agricultural Engineer

Biomedical Engineer

Chemical Engineer

Civil Engineer

Computer Engineer

Computer Hardware Engineer

Construction Manager

Cyber-physical Systems Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Energy and Sustainability Engineer

Engineering Analyst

Environmental Engineer

Health and Safety Engineer

Industrial Engineer

Infrastructure Systems Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Resilience Engineer

Robotics Engineer

What is the engineering job outlook?

According to the Bureau for Labor Statistics, STEM jobs will grow by eight percent between now and 2029. For engineering occupations specifically, employment is projected to grow approximately three percent in the next 10 years — adding over 74,800 new jobs by 2029. 

While a job growth rate of three percent is about as fast as the average for all occupations, there are specific types of engineering careers that are experiencing faster job growth rates. 

The Fastest Growing Engineering Fields

Here’s an inside look at the average salaries and job growth predictions for the fastest-growing specialized engineering careers.

  • Biomedical engineers —Job growth, 5%
  • Industrial engineers — Job growth, 10%
  • Chemical engineers — Job growth, 4%
  • Mechanical engineers — Job growth, 4%
  • Health and safety engineers — Job growth, 4%

graduate engineers working in the field

What is the average engineer salary today?

On average, engineers who achieve a graduate engineering degree make thousands more upon hire compared to engineers who only hold a bachelor’s degree. 

For instance, engineers hired with a four-year degree make an average annual salary of $91,000 while engineers with a graduate degree earn an average annual salary of $99,000 — a difference of $8,000 per year. 

In addition to the ability to command a higher salary upon hire, engineers who hold a graduate engineering degree also qualify for more job opportunities. A graduate engineering degree will make you more competitive for upper-level leadership roles and managerial-level positions.

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